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Mold Victim Rights Association

Are you a MOLD VICTIM because you are:

1. Working in a moldy workplace?
2. Renting a moldy rental house, apartment, condo, office, or commercial building?
3. Sick from staying in a moldy hotel, motel, or resort room?
4. Living in a moldy home purchased from a seller or new home builder who failed to disclose known mold infestations?
5. Having a water intrusion or mold damage problem caused by an adjoining condominium, co-op apartment, or your home owners association?
6. Making mortgage payments to a lender for a moldy house, condo, or commercial building?
7. Being unable to pay for needed mold remediation because your insurance company has wrongfully denied your water or mold damage insurance claim?
8. Living or working in a moldy house or building that was improperly or incompletely mold remediated by a mold remediation company?
9. Sick from living or working in a building water and mold damaged by a negligent building contractor such as a roofing, plumbing, or air conditioning company?
10. Attending school or teaching or working in a school that is mold-infested?

Get mold justice by joining the Mold Victim Rights Association.

Hire mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry to find air conditioning mold, workplace mold, and mold hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, crawl space, attic, and basement of your house, condominium, office, or other building. Mold Attorney
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Hospital, Nursing Home, Extended Care Facility, and Senior Housing
Toxic Mold and Volatile Organic Compound Inspection, Testing, Removal, and Remediation

Protect your employees, patients, residents, and visitors by solving your hospital, nursing home, extended care facility, or senior housing toxic mold and volatile organic compound problems safely, effectively and affordably.  Please read hospital mold remediation and mold in hospital water.

Toxic mold consultants Phillip and Divine Fry does toxic mold and VOC inspection, mold testing, mold cleaning, mold removal, mold and VOC remediation, and mold prevention of your hospital or other health care facility anywhere in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, or Asia. Read the Frys' mold experts client testimonials.  Contact the Frys by emailing or by phoning (480) 310-7970 or (480) 217-7173.

Thirteen percent (13%) of hospitals surveyed for airborne mold concentrations had airborne Stachybotrys chartarum (considered by mold experts Phillip and Divine Fry and many mold specialists to be the most dangerous indoor mold species).

Mold consultants Phillip and Divine Fry can help you fix your own hospital or medical facility�s mold problems at low-cost, more safely, and better-in- results than what is done by many mold inspectors and mold contractors. Contact the Frys by emailing or by phoning (480) 310-7970 or (480) 217-7173.   How can Phil help you?

     1. Read Phil�s five plain-English,
mold advice books to master mold inspection, testing, removal, remediation, and prevention for your house, condo, apartment, office,  or workplace.

     2. Buy do-it-yourself, affordable mold test kits, mold lab analysis, video inspection scope, mold cleaner, mold killer,
and high output ozone generator for the  successful toxic and household mold inspection, mold testing, mold species identification and quantification, mold cleaning, mold removal, and mold remediation to find mold, kill mold, clean mold, and remove mold from your residence or commercial building.

Get FREE mold advice, mold help, and/or answers to your mold questions, by emailing mold expert Phillip Fry at You can also email pictures of your mold problems in jpeg file  format as email attachments.FREE Mold Advice Hotline

Picture of mold consultant Phillip Fry
Mold Expert Phillip Fry
is the author of 5 mold advice ebooks
that are only $:15 each, delivered by email attachment

 (1) Do-It-Best-Yourself Mold Inspection,
Testing, Remediation, and Prevention

Mold Health Guide
 (3) co-author
Mold Legal Guide
 (4) co-author
Mold Monsters
Mold Home Remedy Recipes.

Buy all 5 for only $49
in the Mold Library

Phil is trained and certified as a
Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, and Certified Environmental Hygienist. He has over 13 years experience in mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation. Formerly, Phil worked for the National Institutes of Health (U.S. Public Health Service), and he also has experience as a hospital and medical center administrator and commercial builder.

Phil is the webmaster of the most popular internet mold website
Mold Inspector (online since 1999), and he is also the Ecology College instructor.

Contact Phillip Fry by---


1-480-217-7173 or 1-480-310-7970 USA
FREE Mold Advice Hotline

Picture of hospital mold growth in a Utah hospital air conditioniing filter.
Pictures of air conditioning mold growth in a St. George, Utah, hospital.
Mold growth in filters of air conditioning system of St. George, Utah, hospital
Picture of ceiling tile mold growth in a St. George, Utah, hospital.
Ceiling Tile Mold Growth in St. George, Utah, hospital

Mold growth in filters of air conditioning system of St.George, Utah, hospital.

Sponsor Your Own Private Mold Inspector Training, Environmental Hygienist Training, and/or  Industrial Hygienist Training & Certification Seminar for Yourself and/or Company Employees---Presented  in Your Own Office or Location Anywhere in the World!

Hire mold and environmental experts Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry (Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, and Certified Environmental Hygienists) to travel to your company location to present the Environmental Hygienists Association three day long mold, environmental hygienist, and industrial hygienist training and certification training class anywhere in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia, Australia/NZ, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean, or South America. You and your key associates and employees will be trained and certified as Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, Certified Environmental Hygienists, and/or Professional Industrial Hygienists. Read Mr. Fry and Miss Montero's environmental qualifications to teach and certify you and your associates.  For info, email Phillip and Divine, or call (USA)
480-217-7173 or 1-480-310-7970.

Hospital, Nursing Home, & Extended
Care Facility Toxic Mold News

Read the following news article about toxic mold problems in hospitals, nursing homes, and extended care facilities worldwide---

Hospital Mold Remediation

Mold in Hospital Water Distribution Systems

Mold Reportedly Growing In Walls At Norman Regional Hospital 
   March 31, 2011

Mold forces 33 elderly and disabled out of low-rent apartment in Immokalee -
 Friday, August 7, 2009

Independent Laboratory Testing Shows BioNeutral's Hospital Grade Ygiene(TM) Eliminates Aspergillus Niger (Black Mold) Spores - July 7, 2009

Hospital can break the mould - April 29, 2009

Mold found in Butner hospital gym Mentally ill kids used the facility - Mar. 06, 2009

Florida hospital sued over mold - 4 February 2009

Mold Found In San Diego Hospital -May 7, 2006

If you can't afford to hire mold remediation company try to used this links below to buy Mold remediation products and to DO IT YOURSELF. Try now!!!!
                DIY Mold Removal  
                 Do It Yourself Mold Removal  

DIY Mold
Hospital, Nursing Home, & Extended Care Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Websites

Certified Hygienists Directory
Certified Mold Inspectors Directory
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Factory Mould Inspection
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Mold Inspector Training
Office Mold Inspection
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School Mold Inspection
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Toxic Mold Inspector
Warehouse Mold Inspection

             Picture of the mold growing in ceiling.Picture of the mold growing in ceiling.bmp

Do Your Own Hospital or Nursing Home Mold Inspection and Mold Testing anywhere in the world with Mold Test Kits
►Certified Mold Inspector training online and certification for only $299
Mold Remediator  training online and certification for only $299
Environmental Hygienist training online and certification for only $699
Professional Industrial Hygienist training and certification $999
Certified Ozone Professional online training and certification $699

Here's How To Order  Mold E-Book, Mold Services, Mold Legal Forms,
And Home Remedy Recipes

Buy  mold e-books ( Mold Monsters, Mold Legal Guide, Mold Health Guide, Mold Killer Remedy Recipes, DIY Mold Inspection, Testing, And Remediation ), mold services (Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation, Environmental Hygienist Certification, Mold Inspector Certification, Mold Remediator Certification), mold legal forms ( Landlord Tenant Mold Disclosure, Tenant Legal Notices to Landlord, Seller & Buyer Mold Disclosure ), and home remedy recipes (Allergy Home Remedy Recipes, Asthma Home Remedy, Recipes, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension),Sinus Health Home Remedies) to locate, clean, kill, remediate and remove visible toxic and household mold growth and mold infestations hidden inside ceilings, walls, floors, attics, basements, crawl spaces, attics, heating/cooling equipment and ducts, kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.

[Hospital Mold Remediation] [Mold in Hospital Water] [Hospital-Mold-Health-Symptoms] [Hospital-Mold-News] [Hospital-Mold-Website-Links]

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Find Hidden Toxic Mold Growth by inspecting inside walls, ceilings,
and heating/cooling ducts and equipment with your own Video PRO Inspection Scope


Buy Boric Acid as a Non-Toxic and Natural Way To Remove, Kill and Prevent
Household Mold and Toxic Mold,
 as well as Kill Cockroaches

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